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Everybody should have a roof over their head at night. However, the number of homeless people in England has more than doubled since 2010.

In 2018, just before Christmas, a 43 year old man known to be sleeping rough in Westminster was found dead on the doorstep of Parliament.

This year, we have already experienced the coldest night for seven years, with temperatures reaching as low as -15.4C.

We understand that many of the regular rough sleepers outside Parliament’s tube entrance are known to MPs and their staff. Rough sleeping is just one of the signs of rising homelessness across the UK. Westminster can’t ignore this problem any longer.

You can take action now by signing our open letter to MPs – asking them to tackle the issue of homelessness once and for all:

To Members of Parliament,

You will likely have read the news of a 43 year old homeless man who died just yards from the House of Parliament before Christmas. This is unacceptable in modern Britain and we demand that you put your party differences to one side and work together to develop a plan to end homelessness.

You must now work together to end all forms of homelessness, using the definition developed by the charity Crisis, to include:

  • No one sleeping rough
  • No one forced to live in transient or dangerous accommodation such as tents, squats, and non-residential buildings
  • No one living in emergency accommodation, such as shelters and hostels, without a plan for rapid rehousing
  • No one homeless as a result of leaving a state institution
  • Everyone at immediate risk of homelessness gets the help they need to prevent it


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19th December 2018

Homeless Man Found Dying Next To Entrance To Parliament