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Dear MPs,

We are the last generation who can halt the climate catastrophe. We refuse to accept homelessness as one of the world’s wealthiest economies. And we are crying out for politicians to fix our creaking health and social care system and tackle the burning injustice of mental ill health.

Rather than focussing on these issues ignored by Brexit, these issues that unite us, high-profile politicians are adopting the tactics of division. Extreme politics has become the norm. Politically motivated violence has increased. Racism is on the rise.

The More United movement has a set of values and a plan to move Britain forward, and we are calling on MPs to back it.

We want Britain to remain outward-looking and internationalist, we want Britain to show global leadership in tackling the climate emergency, and we want bold and ambitious action to fix our creaking health and social care system and address the burning injustice of the mental health crisis. We want our democracy to be fit for the 21st century, our criminal justice system to give people a second chance and we want to live in a country where poverty and homelessness in all its forms is a thing of the past.

That plan starts with stopping an undemocratic no-deal Brexit: a Brexit that threatens our values, would push Britain backwards, and tie Parliament in knots for months if not years to come. But it goes much further: it is a people’s plan to unite Britain.

We are therefore calling on MPs to:

  1. Work together to stop an undemocratic no-deal Brexit
  2. Join the More United movement in a general election to defeat extreme politics
  3. Drive forward the More United agenda for tackling urgent issues ignored because of Brexit

If you pledge to do so, we will fight to elect more MPs who share our values to  Parliament: to give our democracy the voices it deserves and the people it needs to move Britain forward. 

Sign the letter now to add your voice.

If a General Election is called, we will fight to elect more MPs who share our values to Parliament. But first, let’s get thousands of us to send them a message.