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Today in the Queen’s Speech, plans were put forward that could lead to compulsory ID checks at the ballot box. Election experts say if compulsory ID for voters goes ahead thousands of people will lose their chance to vote in an election. 

We believe the right to vote is a fundamental part of our democracy. We are calling for plans for compulsory ID checks at the ballot box to be dropped and for the right to vote to be protected.  

The chief executive of the Electoral Reform Society, Darren Hughes said: “make no mistake, these plans will leave tens of thousands of legitimate voters voiceless.”

More United formed on the belief that our democracy is precious and must be protected. That’s why we have started a petition to save the right vote and reject plans to introduce compulsory ID checks at the ballot box

The text of the Queen’s speech spoke of ‘protecting the integrity of democracy and the electoral system’. However, statistics by the Electoral Reform Society found that out of millions of votes cast in the UK last year, there were just eight allegations of personation fraud – the type of fraud that voter ID is meant to prevent.

With an election expected soon, we must work quickly to stop these plans. Our Network of cross-party MPs is already looking at ways they could force a debate on these proposals, including by putting a private members’ bill into the Parliamentary ballot tomorrow. 

If we are to succeed we need to send a strong and urgent message that people across the political spectrum oppose these plans. Please add your name to our petition to save the right to vote now.