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News reports suggest that the Government only intends to publish a limited summary of the Brexit legal advice given to the Government, but we demand to see the legal advice in full.

Crucially, the Government says that the Brexit backstop – keeping the UK under EU customs rules until a permanent trade deal was in place – would be temporary. Some suspect that the legal advice says that the backstop would be permanent.

In November 2018, there was a binding Commons vote which required the government to give MPs any legal advice in full. Whatever you think of Brexit, we all have the right to see all the information. It’s vital for our democracy that we know what any deal will mean for us and our families.

Our call has cross-party support. Sam Gyimah MP (Conservative) — who resigned on the 30th of November 2018 over Theresa May’s Brexit deal — says that releasing the information in full is “key to restoring trust in politics, healing divisions and unifying the country behind any preferred outcome”.

Lord Charlie Falconer, a Labour peer, similarly says that “without full transparency, you have suspicion, doubt and conspiracy theories”.

We want the information now: stop hiding it.

Join More United, together we can make a difference and change the way politics works.

Campaign Updates

5th December 2018

Government publishes full Brexit legal advice

The Government has finally published the full Brexit legal advice after massive pressure from MPs and the public.

4th December 2018

Government found in contempt of Parliament

MPs have found the Government in contempt of Parliament over its refusal to publish the full and final Brexit legal advice. This is an extraordinary win for all of us who have added our voice. Ministers have bowed to pressure and agreed to publish the advice, but the Government still hasn’t said when. We must keep up the pressure - please urgently sign and ask your friends to add their voices too.

More Information

4th December 2018

Full Brexit legal advice to be published after government loses vote

3rd December 2018

Irish Brexit backstop goes on indefinitely, says attorney general