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The last few weeks have proved that our democracy can adapt to modern technology when it needs to.  The use of video conferencing technology to allow Parliament to continue to host debates, question sessions and select committee hearings have been a welcome move, ensuring Government accountability and the continued functioning of democracy.

But there are suggestions that once things return to ‘normal’, these things will all be rolled back. After taking such positive steps forward, and proving that they can work with this Parliament, we should keep them as an option for MPs so that they can continue to use them to represent their constituents if required. We can’t take one step forward on digital democracy and then take two steps back!

We’re writing to Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the House of Commons, to ask him to consider keeping these changes as a permanent fixture of the way Parliament works. If we have thousands of supporters on our petition, then that strengthens our argument and helps our campaign.