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⛳ Campaign update: 18th March 2020 

Social care is one of the biggest long-term challenges facing our country. Last week, we brought together MPs from 5 parties, charities and health organisations to discuss how we can finally build the cross-party consensus that we need.

Working together where we agree, we can achieve more. That’s why we invited the Government and opposition parties to start the cross-party negotiations. 950 of you wrote letters to your MPs to remind them to attend!

We know the social care system has been struggling for a long-time, and the coronavirus outbreak is putting even more strain on the system. We owe it to the care workers who keep the system going, and the patients that they look after, to work together to solve this crisis.

Representations were made by the following organisations:

Nuffield Trust, Care UK, Age UK, Local Government Association, ADASS, Royal College of Nursing, CarersUK, Care and Support Alliance, Macmillan Cancer Support, MS Society, Legal & General, National Association of Care and Support Workers and Institute for Government.

Key Points

We a comprehensive reform of the social care system. As important as funding is, it’s important to consider what we use that for: what is our vision for the system?

We want a system which:

  • Is consistent and fair
    • Many in the sector said that the eligibility criteria receiving care are too narrow and inconsistent across the country
  • Is clear about what is on offer so that people can plan ahead
    • This includes making the system accessible and easier to understand
  • Is stable
    • Currently, care homes are closing rapidly and our workforce has a devastatingly low rate of recruitment and retention
  • Is sustainable
    • Prevention was one of the keywords of the meeting
    • We need to design a social care system which works alongside our other systems – in particular, the NHS
    • Unpaid carers and the vital work they do needs to be recognised

In coming months, we’ll also start hosting weekly ‘Social Care Surgeries’ between small groups of MPs and the sector, to help them get to grips with the details of the issue.

One of the biggest issues at the moment is access to workers, so we’re talking to MPs about the option of a new migrant worker route specifically for care workers, so the sector has the workers it needs in the short-term, while we train a new generation of social care workers in the UK.

⛳ Campaign Update: 24th Feb 2020

The UK social care system is failing those most vulnerable in our society. It’s being pushed to breaking point. But it’s not beyond repair. After decades of cross-party support for these issues, the time has finally come to take real action.

More United will be hosting the first roundtable discussion between leading organisations and MPs from across the political spectrum. This meeting is the first step towards reforming the failing system and we need your help to make sure your constituency is represented. 

I care about this; how can I help?
  1. Write to your MP and remind them to attend. The more MPs there are from across the House, the stronger the message for health and social care reform will be. 
  2. Tweet your MP to alert them! Using social media is a good way to reach MPs to attend and get your voice heard.
  3. Share this campaign! Whether it’s through emails, Facebook or Whatsapp make sure you keep spreading the word so we can help change lives.

This is part of our long term health and social care reform project. 

📣  Have you seen the plans? 📣
What will they discuss?

The social care landscape

  • What is the health and social care landscape today?
  • What should it look like in the future? 
  • What are the challenges for that journey? 

Social care staff 

  • Where are we today? 
  • What should this look like in the future? 
  • What is the best strategy for recruitment and retention? 
  • Industry standards: help or hindrance?


  • Funding model options
  • Pros and cons

We believe in opportunity and democracy, that’s why we want to ensure that everyone has the access they need to a good level of care, and a say in how the Government provides for the system to be run. In the weeks following this event, we’ll be bringing voices across the UK together to propel the system towards long term reform.