Last autumn, a student called Charlotte started a petition calling on the Government to increase funding for colleges.

Despite working with hundreds of thousands of young people and adults, colleges have faced the sharpest cuts in the education sector over the last 25 years – more than schools or universities.  

This means people who want to develop their skills for careers and businesses are being sold short.

After more than 70,000 people signed Charlotte’s petition 165 MPs led by Richard Graham (Con) and Nic Dakin (Lab) wrote a cross-party letter urging the Chancellor to increase spending on colleges in his forthcoming spring statement.

Now they are asking More United supporters to join them.

By providing an above inflation increase in college funding the Chancellor would signal a commitment to ensuring colleges can continue to provide a springboard for people across the country to reach their ambition.

Let’s show them our support.

Now More United supporters are showing their support by signing the statement below.

Will you join them?


Colleges provide people with skills and knowledge they can use to build careers and businesses. Despite this, they have faced sharper cuts than schools or universities over the last 25 years.  We hope that the Chancellor will, therefore, see fit to deliver a proper increase in college funding in his spring budget statement this March.

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