Election 2019

An election has been called, so we need to act fast if we are to seize this chance to change politics. For the last three years, Parliament has been at a standstill and our country has become divided. At More United, we are frustrated with tribalist, divisive politics and the lack of genuine action on the issues that matter.

More United are determined to restore a unified Britain and focus on issues that people care about beyond Brexit. We have a plan to flood politics with MPs across the political spectrum who support our open values. We will endorse those who are committed to putting the country above their own parties and pledge to work across party lines to find consensus and enact real change.

You, our More United members, vote to choose which candidates we will support from our prospective list. ALL of the money we receive from donations goes to helping chosen candidates get voted in. If there are two qualifying candidates from the same constituency, we may endorse both, subject to a members’ vote. The money only goes where it can make a real difference. More United’s criteria for support:

  1. The candidate publicly stands by More United’s values¬†and pledges to work cross-party if elected
  2. The candidate is standing in a seat they can win, as assessed by election data specialists
  3. More United members have voted to back the candidate

Once chosen, the candidate will sign the More United pledge, promising to publicly endorse our values and promote our aims. If elected, the candidates shall work cross-party, working on building consensus on a wide range of issues, and help YOU hold the balance of power in Parliament.