This election we have an ambitious plan to flood Parliament with MPs who care more about the country’s issues than party tribalism.

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We run cross-party grassroots campaigns bringing people and politicians from different parties together to influence policies that protect our shared values.

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Over 150,000 More United members are working with 57 MPs. We’ve won four campaigns, forcing the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary to change their minds.

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The More United MP Network will bring us together to find areas where MPs can work within the areas where we’re prepared to compromise in the best interests of the country and look forward to together to build a stronger, safer, better community for each and every one of you.
Paul Masterton MP, Conservative
I believe More United is the one organisation that has the chance to give people a voice.
Sean, More United Member
More United will bring us together to look at areas where we can find common ground, to learn from each other and also get a different perspective from the one that we hold, ourselves.
Stephen Gethins MP, SNP
I’ve joined More United because I want to make a difference. I believe the political system as it stands today is broken. We need to do something differently.
Tony, More United Member
We have to be what More United is, which is working together, across communities and not between them.
Christine Jardine MP, Liberal Democrat
I believe that More United gives me a voice, supported and amplified by a group of like-minded voters.
Brian, More United Member